How We Can Help

True, you might have the winning idea and the skills to bring it to life, but how do you go from business idea to business implementation really? We believe in your capability to build your business but where do you start exactly?

You need organizational know-how. First Chronicles DS can provide you this organizational know-how at the early stage of putting up your business so your time and resources are spent on the right things. We understand how these two items–time and resources–can be most specially precious at this point.

We are here to take care of the trivial many things about your business so you can concentrate on the few critical ones–like decision making. Here’s how we can help:

Business Permit Processing – let us do the running for you.  First Chronicles DS can take care of the documentation and permits you need to legally run your business.  What do you need to file for a tradename? Where do you go to get your supporting documents? Who do you talk to get the required clearances? Stop thinking about these things and let us take care of your business documentation needs.

Company Branding – identify yourself.  We understand how you want to impress your professional image to potential clients. To do that, you’ll need to establish a business personality–an identity for your startup business.  We can help you design your business logo, business card, product and service literature, marketing ads, and company write-ups among others.

Web Presence – what better way to promote your products and services than to have them published on the web?  First Chronicles DS offers low-cost website development and deployment for startup businesses.  Allow us to bring your business to the world wide web.

Information Technology Support – when you send electronic communication, be sure your e-mail address carries your company brand.  Sure, your public Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail email accounts work great for you, but a professional e-mail address goes along a professional image.  Let First Chronicles DS register the you’ve always wanted, set-up yours and your associates’ e-mail addresses, and manage your database for you.  On top of this, we can set-up and manage your company calendar, document repository, and internal websites among others.

Accounting Services & Taxation – keep your books clean and organized.  First Chronicles DS can provide you accounting services to support Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Cash Management, and General Ledger entry.

Process Documentation & Improvement – effectively running your business requires in-depth understanding of all your business activities and processes.  We can help you document your company’s value-stream so you’ll know where value is added and where you can cut back on cost.  Using Lean Six Sigma principles, First Chronicles DS can help you lean your business model and operation.

User & Technical Documentation – with quality product and service comes quality documentation.  First Chronicles DS provides expert documentation services.  We can produce user manuals, product specifications/literature, and technical documentation to meet the requirements of your clientele.